WEDNESDAY (12/23/20)

Hi, my name is Shelley and I have been part of Riverside since its beginning. I am the wife of Keith and mother of a slew of teenagers; I cannot keep their ages straight!

Today’s passage comes from Joshua 5:10-6:27.

At the end of Chapter 5, we see a Commander of the Lord’s army come and visit Joshua. I don’t know about you, but I have never had this happen to me and I cannot quite imagine what it would feel like. I am guessing I would be similar to Joshua and end up face down in reverence. What a humble stance for Joshua to be in, as in the next chapter he heads into a tough situation.

In Chapter 6, we see the Israelites head to the city of Jericho. God has commanded them that this city will belong to them.

The Lord speaks to his people and gives them very specific instructions, which I have to believe they looked at each other and wondered what they were doing. Walking around the walls? No talking? For how many days?

I don’t know if you had ever had a point in your life when you asked God these same questions. Maybe it was “Move to where?” or “Bring up Jesus to that friend?” or even “ That much money to give away?”

I am pretty sure if you have followed Jesus for any amount of time, you have had one, or probably more, of these moments. To the world, walking around a wall each day for seven days seemed like a ridiculous way to fight and try to overcome a city. And I am sure that as Mary looked towards the birth of Jesus as an unwed single teenage mother, she questioned at times what God was doing. But you know what? It was God’s way. He has spoken clearly to Joshua and the Israelites and desired for them to trust him and be obedient.

Some of you may remember the old Veggie Tales episode about Jericho and the song titled “Keep Walking” -follow the link to get it stuck in your head all day! 🙂

I think at some point in our walk, this is all we can hold on to. To keep walking. When things are hard and there seems to be no end in sight, keep walking. When a global pandemic is happening and it seems like the end is nevercoming, keep walking. Keep listening for the voice of God, keep digging, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep leaning into the Word and God’s truth. I am pretty sure we will one day look back and be amazed at the walls that fell because we just kept walking in obedience to God.

  • What are ways that God is calling you to keep walking?
  • What are things you can look back on and thank God for walking with you through?
  • Find someone to encourage today-encourage them to keep walking, keeping their eyes focused on the Lord.