WEDNESDAY (12/30/20)

Hello! Susan here again 🙂

A few more things about me to round out the picture: I love seeing people connect with the scriptures and I love listening to the Bible read aloud; I love kayaking and have almost done the whole length of the St Joe River; I deeply desire to see the church be a more loving space for single folks and for those from the LGBTQ community; I love playing sneaky uppy games in the dark out at camp.

Read 2 Kings 22-23:26

Ahhhh! Josiah “follows in the ways of his father, David”!! Yeah! He is a shining light after he becomes king at only 8 years old following the assassination of his father- who was so evil that his own officials killed him and made this child king.

It is incredible to me how he turned the nation around. We read “ in the eighteenth year of King Josiah, this Passover was celebrated to the Lord in Jerusalem.” Josiah was 26 years old and was steadfastly working to lead his people towards the Lord.

I love the picture of the officials choosing an 8 year old to be king because they recognized the evil in his father and hoped for better from him. And then it seems they allowed their lives and people to be aligned to his young leading and much good was done.

I know that we’ve spoken often of allegiance in this devotional, and in the sermons we’ve been hearing through Revelation. It’s so important where we place our allegiance. Recognizing that it is a choice, it is active and premeditated.

  • How are you choosing today to align yourself to the principles and values of God’s kingdom? Where do you see this evidence in your life?
  • Josiah celebrates the Passover like it hadn’t been celebrated in years. What can you celebrate today in your relationship with Jesus?