MONDAY (1/4/21)

Hello, this is Jeff Walker and I have been on such an unexpected journey with God since my return in 2015. It has been such a blessing to serve on the worship team here at Riverside Church and now to leave the business world and join the ministry staff I could never have imagined that this is where God was calling me too.

The passages you are going to read today are Luke 1:1-25, 57-80. These passages begin in verse 5 by introducing us to a priest named Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth. We learn that they both were righteous and blameless before God. Zechariah was in the temple serving as priest before God when an angel (we believe Gabriel) appeared to him and foretold the birth of John the Baptist. The angel tells Zechariah that his prayers had been heard and that he and his wife Elizabeth would bear a son and that this son shall be named John. Very specific instruction. The angel prophesies that this baby John will be filled with the holy spirit. However, in Zechariah’s disbelief that he and Elizabeth could have a baby since they were well advanced in years Zechariah was struck speechless until this baby would be born.

The succeeding passages culminate with the birth of John the Baptist. The Lord had shown great mercy to Elizabeth and the peoples rejoiced with her. Zechariah is filled with the holy spirit and he prophesies. Blessing and praising the Lord for all he has done.

We see in these passages the Holy spirit at work to bring about the plan of God. God had chosen before the foundation of the world that the forerunner John would be conceived through Zechariah and Elizabeth and that amid unbelief God’s purpose and plan will come to pass.

  • How has God spoken to you or what has he promised in His word that just seems so impossible that it will come to pass?
  • What has God done in your life that you can bless and praise him for? Take a moment right now and do that.