FRIDAY (2/19/21)

I am Laura Maddux. I am from Texas, but moved here to teach sign
language interpreting at Bethel in 2019. I’ll be married to Adam
Polhemus (this month!) and what will soon be our house frequently
has three teenage girls and 2 crazy dogs around. I’ve been attending
Riverside since October of 2019, and enjoy the Marquette Home Group
and the tight relationships I’ve formed with many other believers here.

  • Pause to read Matthew 4:1-11

After 40 days without food, Jesus had to be physically weak. However,
all the time in focused meditation and prayer had left him spiritually
strong to withstand the devil’s temptations. He responded to every
temptation he faced with a scripture.

Reflect on the following questions today:

  • What is a temptation in your life and what is a scripture you can use to combat when you are tempted?
  • The devil also used scripture in a false way to try to convince Jesus (verse 6). Are there any scriptures you think have been twisted into lies in this way in your life? What are verses you can use to combat those lies?
  • What ways are you tempted to worship the idols of this life instead of God?
  • Have you ever fasted for even 24 hours as you pray and seek God on a topic? Why not pick a day in the next week where you can abstain from food and focus on where the Lord is leading you. If you’re interested in how to go about this practice, reach out to someone on the elder team or pastoral staff for guidance.