TUESDAY (2/23/21)

Hello, I’m Janelle Phillips and I participate in the Near Northwest Home
Group. I’m married to David and my two boys Jonah (6) and Theodore
(3) help keep me busy and curious about the world. I also teach at a local
nature-based Montessori preschool where I love exploring the wonders
of God’s creation with little people. I’ve been even more thankful than
usual for outdoor spaces this past year!

Today we’re reading Matthew 5:27-48.

In verse 44 Jesus says to “love your enemies and pray for those who
persecute you.” In my life right now I’m not being actively persecuted
and I try not to have any enemies. But the past year has brought many
polarizing events and opinions and it can be hard for me to continue to
extend love to someone who in word or deed seems to stand directly
counter to my own beliefs and values.

I might wonder, in disbelief or dismissal, “How could they do that? How
could they think that?” Even if I do not say or do anything in response
to the other person I know the attitude of my heart and the thoughts of
my mind matter to God and need to be more aligned with His Kingdom.

As you go about your day today, consider the following question:

  • Who is God asking you to extend love to today, even if it’s hard?