FRIDAY (3/5/21)

Hi, my name is Scott Leiter. I’m in the West of Westside Home Group with
Wade. I’ve been married to Kate for 27 years. We’ve been at Riverside
since near the beginning and helped transform an old bowling alley into
a community center. It’s been awesome to see what God has been doing
through the Beacon over the years.

  • Take some time and read Matthew 11:1-19.

Whenever I read this passage I wonder at John’s question. Paraphrasing
“Is this what the Kingdom of God is supposed to look like?” to “are you
the Messiah?” After all, John is the one who baptized Jesus and heard
the witness of the Father and saw the witness of the Holy Spirit (Matt 3:
16-17). John is alone and in prison. Jesus doesn’t condemn his question
but rather directs him to look at the evidence of God’s Kingdom breaking
through. Jesus asks him again to look at what is seen and heard, the
healings, resurrections, and good news being preached. Jesus ends his
message with a blessing for John in verse 6.

Jesus follows this by reminding his followers that they went to see
John looking to see the Kingdom of Heaven advancing, and that all the
prophets of the past were looking forward to the day that He would be

When Kate and I got married we moved to a small church in the thumb
of Michigan, knowing that there was a call to ministry. We served three
years and then I became a carpenter. I often say I got it backwards, but
God has been faithful. I am always on the lookout for what God is doing.
Looking to see and hear the kingdom of heaven advancing and helping
when able.

  • As you reflect on today’s passage, be looking and listening for God’s kingdom advancing. It may not look like what you expect, but ask Holy Spirit to give you his eyes and ears. Ask Christ to reveal his move to you as well as move in your heart that his kingdom would show through you every day.