TUESDAY (3/9/21)

Greetings, Riverside Church family. I’m Tony Fuller. I’ve been attending
Riverside for over 4 years with my wife Jessica and our kids, Anna,
Zane, and Ty. We’ve been meeting (mostly virtually) with the Unnamed
Home Group. I work as a Video Producer/Editor in the Marketing
Communications Dept. at Notre Dame and South Bend has been home
for a number of years.

  • Our passage today is from Matthew 13:1-23. Please take a few moments to read the Parable of the Sower.

As someone who’s spent many years working in the field of visual media
for a living, I’m quick to notice that Jesus was a master storyteller.
His use of clear and distinct imagery always accompanies a deeply
profound and urgent message. His parables are typically short and
easily digestible, but they are very rich and multi-layered if we allow
ourselves to look inward and be examined by them.

For this parable, I could focus on any number of things. The seed fell
in different areas. As someone who claims to follow Jesus, it is easy to
want to convince myself that I’m planted in the good and fertile soil.
Upon further, honest reflection that is an assumption I should not be
so easily willing to accept. In verse 22 Jesus reveals that the seed that
fell among the thorns is choked out by the cares and worries of this life.
The lure of wealth and earthly pleasures cancel out what is intended to
be fruit for the kingdom. Upon further self-examination, I must confess
that there have been many times that I’ve allowed and continue to
allow these things to take a hold of me.

My preoccupations with politics, social media, and my sports teams are
easy distractions for me. I can also be a professional worrier as well (just
ask Jessica). It doesn’t take long before these earthly cares and desires
get the upper hand and choke out the Word in my life.

Ponder and consider the following question:

  • If Jesus were to try to speak to me, would I hear Him?

During this season of Lent, I want to be especially aware of the Word
and how Jesus may want to reach me. Jesus has a much better place
for me in the rich and fertile soil which will in turn produce fruit for His