MONDAY (3/15/21)

Hey all, Greg and Meg Colvin here. We lead the Potato Creek Home
Group with Benji and Ila Woolet. Our group loves to laugh, eat, go down
endless rabbit trails, engage in great discussion, read scripture, cry
together, drink coffee & tea, and just hang out with one another! We
truly love this small community within our Riverside family body and
are so grateful for fellow believers to walk with through this life.

  • Take a few minutes and read Matthew 17:1-13 (and then read it again because it’s THAT good!)

This passage is about Jesus’ transfiguration. When Jesus asks Peter,
James and John to go with him on a walk, I wonder if they knew
something special was going to happen? The scripture says that Jesus’
appearance changed and his face shown like the sun and his clothes
became white like light. Jesus was radiating from within. What was
showing on His outside is the Glory that was within Him. They were
witness to their friend, teacher, mentor, transform or metamorphose
into a glorious being and then at the same time got to watch Him talk to
Elijah and Moses! Incredible.

I, (Greg) am a lot like Peter. Peter wanted to do something to mark this
moment as special. In that instant it wasn’t time to get distracted from
the significance of what was going on. Sometimes we need to keep quiet,
take it all in and learn from it
. God spoke letting them know that Jesus
was the focus here. His son who brings Him great joy. Listen to Him.

We are both moved every time we read this momentous occasion in
history. Although Peter, James and John in this part of the story didn’t
know the full significance of the moment and what was to come, Christ’s
work on the cross, we do. When we fully surrender to God, and yield to
the Holy Spirit, we will be transformed and be made more like Him.