SATURDAY (4/17/21)

  • Read Genesis 2:20-25

I’ve read that the word translated here as “rib” is elsewhere translated
as “side.” I know it’s not a huge difference, but to me the idea of “his
side” draws my mind to thinking of us, as men and women, walking side
by side, helpers to each other.

Reflect and consider these questions today:

  • How do you feel after reading this story?
  • How has understanding this story been helpful to you? Has it been harmful in any way?
  • How does Adam seem to feel about this creation called woman?
  • Verse 24 says, “for this reason” the two become one flesh. What is this reason? Why does this make sense that the man and the woman become one flesh?
  • Of all the emotions that scripture could highlight, why do you think the writer of Genesis is so specific that they felt no shame?