Tuesday 9/21/21

  • Read Acts 3:1-10

Peter and John go to the temple ‘at the time of prayer’—this is their routine. The Jewish people had established a routine to connect with their God.

During the end of the EHS series this summer (yes, it’s coming up again—because we don’t just want to move on, we want to grow and change!), Andrew talked about a trellis—a support system in our lives to facilitate our growing. I’d encourage you to revisit that if you haven’t done that.

  • Right now, what is your routine/rhythm for connecting with God? Describe the things that foster connection between you and Jesus:
  • I love that the gate is called Beautiful. So many beautiful things happen in this short story. What are some things that you see as beautiful?
  • Where are you praying and longing to see God’s power in your own life? Have you asked your friends to join you in this prayer? (remember the man had to be carried—presumably by friends or family to put him in a position to be healed)