Wednesday 10/20/21

  • Read Acts 13: 13-52

In verse 4 we read “the two of them”.
In verse 13 we read “Paul and his companions”.

  • Besides the name change from Saul to Paul, what do you think has happened to their group in this span of time?
  • How can this shift in who is seen as the leader work well?
  • What does it take from all parties?
  • I love verse 36. If you had to define what your purpose is in this generation, what would you say?

Paul clearly explains salvation, the forgiveness of sins, and their rejection. He also explains how their gospel efforts

will extend to the Gentiles. We are all beneficiaries of that—I’ll bet that most of us are

non-Jewish people.

Spend some time praying and thanking God for his expansive mercy that extends to all of us!