Wednesday 1/12/22

  • Read or listen to Genesis 11:27- 12:20

After we leave the story of Noah, the flood, and the covenant, we see the people again grieving God by building a large tower. So they get scattered all over the earth and receive new languages. We then zero in on one man and his lineage: Abram.

  • What does God reveal about Himself in these chapters?

I love that it says “the Lord said to Abram”. I wondered what that looked like? How did God “say” what He said?

  • How have you heard God voice in your own life?
  • What do you learn about Abram in this section- there is a lot, both positive and negative!
  • We see both trust and mistrust in Abram, a blend of strong character and weak. In your own life, where do you struggle to trust God?