Friday 1/14/22

  • Read or listen to Genesis 21-22

We see God remain faithful to (now) Abraham and Sarah in the birth of Isaac. But it is still not smooth sailing as their mistrust and self-determination (sin) that led to the birth of Ishmael reaps consequences.

  • How do you see God’s character being revealed in this section? What kinds of names would you ascribe to Him?
  • How do you see God as Provider in these stories?
  • How does Abraham demonstrate faith on his way to the altar with Isaac? (Romans 4 also adds more flesh to this story)

Abraham’s distrust of God’s plan, and his failure to lead well has a lot of consequences in Hagar and Ishmael’s lives. Our sin always hurts us and those around us.

  • When have you seen this true in a circumstance in your own life?