Wednesday 1/19/22

Read or listen to Genesis 37

If only we could read every chapter (oh wait- you can if you want to!). Prior to today’s reading, we see Jacob/ Israel reconcile with Esau, and yet still not be quite honest with him. Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, gets raped and her brothers exact revenge. God repeats His promise to Jacob in chapter 35. Rachel and Isaac both die, and we see that Esau is indeed blessed and head of a long line of people.

Jacob has 12 sons, and the siblings have a bit of trouble with Joseph.

  • How do you see generational sin (sin patterns passed down from generation to generation) reaped in this tragic story?
  • What sort of character do see in the brothers?
  • In Joseph?
  • In Jacob?

I love that verse 36 starts with the word “meanwhile”. It reminds me (again) that God is often working behind the scene in ways that I cannot discern.

Keep talking to God about the storylines in your own life that are confusing to you.