Wednesday 6/22

  • Read Matthew 5:17-20

In your understanding of the Old Testament, what is God trying to accomplish here?

How can our righteousness possibly surpass the Pharisees who made it their job to be ‘perfect’ according to the standards of the day? What is Jesus talking about?

As believers who have asked Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins and to be the boss of our lives—we stand righteous before God because of the blood of Jesus washing away our sins. Not just covering our sins—but washing them away. Then we spend the rest of our lives here on this planet allowing the Holy Spirit to make our lives/ actions/ words/ thoughts righteous…daily.

  • Where do you see the Holy Spirit working on your righteousness right now?

Memorization Verse: Matthew 5: 5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”