Riverside Canceling This Sunday’s Gathering (3/15/20)


We are going to be canceling our Sunday gathering this week (March 15th).   Our governor has asked for gatherings of people above 250 to not happen, and we are pretty close to that mark when you add kids rooms and volunteers.  So following our governmental leaders, and ensuring that our family of faith is wise when it comes to health and taking simple precautions, this is the right call.  And it's really not that difficult of a decision.  The church has been going strong for 2,000 years, so canceling our gathering this Sunday (and potentially adapting a few Sunday's in the future) isn't going to make or break the church!  We will reevaluate this on a week-to-week basis.  

This Sunday morning I will send post online some personal thoughts that I have on this entire situation, and how our church can truly be a light in this season. 

And I want to encourage us all to REALLY PRAY.  Pray for our government leaders to lead wisely.  Pray for the sick and those who are at higher risk of getting sick.  Pray for our local health care workers and system.  Pray for the poor in our community who have less access to our health care system due to economics or being uninsured.  And pray for Riverside, that we would be a people that loves South Bend and beyond well, loves each other well, cares for the least of these well, and ultimately brings glory to God in this season.

And if you feel sick, PLEASE LET ME/US KNOW!  Our elder and staff pray, we REALLY PRAY, and we want to pray for YOU.  And if you feel isolated in this season because of this decision, please let me know.  And if you are in a home group, this is a great time to care for one another and leverage that community.

Love you all, more to come!