Daily Devotional

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Saturday 9/25/21

  • Read Acts 4: 23-31

Consider the following questions as you go about your day today:

  • What strikes you from this passage?
  • It seems remarkable that they do not pray for the situation to change. What are they praying for in the midst of this situation?
  • What is a situation in your own life that you could apply this example to?
  • Why do you think the filling of the Holy Spirit results in boldness to speak God’s word? How are these connected?

Friday 9/24/21

  • Read Acts 4: 13-22

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What do you think is being said in verses 13-14?
  • Most of us reading this are ‘ordinary’ people. How can our ordinariness bring glory to God as we go about our days?
  • Read Romans 13: 1-5

In Romans, Paul instructs the believers to submit to their authorities, telling them that authority has been placed by God and that to rebel is actually fighting against God.

  • In this story, why does Peter tell his authorities upfront that he is not going to obey?

Thursday 9/23/21

  • Read Acts 4:1-12

During the August series on Expansive Mercy, Andrew explained that acts of great mercy also can bring about great anger and distress. That definitely happens here. There was a man healed and no one seems to be rejoicing.

  • Peter explains that salvation is found in no other name than Jesus. What exactly are we saved from by believing in Jesus?
  • How is a person ‘saved’? How would you describe this process to someone?

It seems to the casual observer that the rulers, elders, teachers of the law had become harsh. They had lost touch with God’s desire for mercy and kindness.

  • We as Christians today often face the same accusation. How can we demonstrate mercy and kindness while also being mindful of God’s holy standard?

Wednesday 9/22/21

  • Read Acts 3: 11-26

Though Peter places the responsibility for the death of Jesus at the feet of his listeners, he also says that he knows that they acted in ignorance.

  • What are the ways of living/believing that you learned from previous leaders or from your family that are not pointing you towards God and need to be repented of?
  • What prevents you from believing that the name of Jesus can move you in a different direction and heal?
  • Where do you have opportunity to speak and witness for Jesus like Peter does here?

Tuesday 9/21/21

  • Read Acts 3:1-10

Peter and John go to the temple ‘at the time of prayer’—this is their routine. The Jewish people had established a routine to connect with their God.

During the end of the EHS series this summer (yes, it’s coming up again—because we don’t just want to move on, we want to grow and change!), Andrew talked about a trellis—a support system in our lives to facilitate our growing. I’d encourage you to revisit that if you haven’t done that.

  • Right now, what is your routine/rhythm for connecting with God? Describe the things that foster connection between you and Jesus:
  • I love that the gate is called Beautiful. So many beautiful things happen in this short story. What are some things that you see as beautiful?
  • Where are you praying and longing to see God’s power in your own life? Have you asked your friends to join you in this prayer? (remember the man had to be carried—presumably by friends or family to put him in a position to be healed)

Monday 9/20/21

  • Read Acts 2: 42-47

As we ended the EHS series this summer, Andrew preached on this very passage. You can listen here (or re-listen, it is well worth it!).

  • In what ways do you see Riverside (as a whole body) looking like this early church body?
  • What about your Home Group?
  • What is one characteristic that you would like to see grow in yourself this Fall?

Sunday 9/19/21


  • Spend some time listening to music that focuses you on Jesus.
  • Pray for your heart to be ready to be with the body this morning!