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Friday 1/21/22

Read or listen to Genesis 42-45

Today we get a long chunk of story! Hopefully it is interesting and has enough plot twists to keep you reading!

  • How would you describe God’s character as shown in these chapters?
  • What about the others in the story- Joseph and his brothers, how do you see their characters growing and being changed?
  • What about this long story through Genesis has given you encouragement?

Thursday 1/20/22

Read or listen to Genesis 39-41

Meanwhile… while the brothers are lying to their father about Joseph’s death, Joseph faces a variety of situations.

  • What do you see growing in Joseph’s character in these situations?
  • Do you see God at work here? How would you describe Him in this story?
  • How do you think Joseph’s character gets molded in such good ways during such unjust treatment (chapters 39-40)?
  • How has your character been molded in the painful times of your own life?
  • What character is God forming in your right now?

Sunday 1/23/22

This morning as you pray and prepare you heart to gather together for worship, watch the video from our friends at the Bible Project as they explain the book of Genesis.

Chapters 1-11:

Chapters 12-50:

Wednesday 1/19/22

Read or listen to Genesis 37

If only we could read every chapter (oh wait- you can if you want to!). Prior to today’s reading, we see Jacob/ Israel reconcile with Esau, and yet still not be quite honest with him. Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, gets raped and her brothers exact revenge. God repeats His promise to Jacob in chapter 35. Rachel and Isaac both die, and we see that Esau is indeed blessed and head of a long line of people.

Jacob has 12 sons, and the siblings have a bit of trouble with Joseph.

  • How do you see generational sin (sin patterns passed down from generation to generation) reaped in this tragic story?
  • What sort of character do see in the brothers?
  • In Joseph?
  • In Jacob?

I love that verse 36 starts with the word “meanwhile”. It reminds me (again) that God is often working behind the scene in ways that I cannot discern.

Keep talking to God about the storylines in your own life that are confusing to you.

Tuesday 1/18/22

Read or listen to Genesis 32-33

Jacob leaves Laban on the sly, gets confronted, and speaks his mind to Laban. But ultimately heads towards his home with his two wives, and his children. Heading home means meeting back up with his brother Esau…

  • What do you see growing in Jacobs character in these two chapters?
  • How would you describe God from these two chapters? Where is He at work? What’s He like?

Jacobs becomes the namesake and father of the nation of Israel. This always gives me hope that God is at work in myself and in the situations around me in ways that are not apparent to me!

  • What are some situations in your life right now where you wonder what God’s plan is? Spend some time talking to Him about those.

Monday 1/17/22

Read or listen to Genesis 29-30

We pick with Jacob’s story as he flees Esau’s revenge. Again we will see an honest portrait of trust and mistrust woven into life. And how the sowing of each of these reaps consequences in all the stories- just like for us.

Jacob the deceiver, meets his Uncle Laban who also does some deceiving.

  • What character qualities do you see growing in Jacob throughout this story?
  • Are there pieces of this story that resonate with your story? What gets brought up for you?

The sadness in the relationship of Rachel and Leah always gets to me. My family, and many of those I see around me, are represented in these women.

  • How has your family shaped the ways that you respond to God today?- for good and for bad.

Sunday 1/16/22

As we close out this week and prepare for worship together, let’s step back and see the big picture. God is working out a plan to have a people devoted to Him in faith and trust. Abraham, with all his flaws, believes God and is credited with righteousness. He opens the way for all of us who believe to also receive righteousness and adoption. What a plan.

Spend a few minutes this morning praying and asking God to grow your faith and trust in his plan in and around you.