Wednesday (8/14/19)

  • Read Romans 7:14-25 (go slow, see prompts from Monday)
    • Be still before God; let the weight of His holiness and your sin be acknowledged. Remember He is good and loving and Jesus delivers us (Romans 7:25, maybe also see Romans 8:34).
    • What sins do you need to confess? Don’t hold back, God already knows. Seriously, spend time confessing sin to God, be still and listen afterwards. What is God saying, and how should you respond?
    • If there is someone you need to confess to or repent towards, make a plan to do that today! Put it on your calendar, do it!
    • Finally, re-read Romans 7:25 and pray to God and worship God in response.

Tuesday (8/13/19)

  • Read Psalm 139:1-18 (with special attention on v.7-12) (go slow, see prompts from Monday)
    • Let’s be honest, Jonah isn’t the first (nor last) person to try and run from God (Jonah 1:2). How are you experiencing God’s presence these days? What does the passage say about God’s presence? What does that mean about your “feelings”?
    • Pray through this passage. For example, read v.7, assume that is God speaking, and then pray in response something like, “God, I often ignore and even flee Your presence. Holy Spirit help me see and acknowledge You today, help me notice Your presence throughout today. Thank You for….). Read v.8, then pray something like, “God, Your presence is everywhere. Make me aware of how big your kingdom is today, I worship you because of”…. v.9, “God, thank You for this new day, thank you that your mercies are new every morning, thank you for…”

Monday 8/12/19

Read Jonah 1, go slow…


Remind yourself you are in God’s presence and read again; notice how God might be speaking to you through His Word.

Dwell on a word or phrase that jumps out at you; how has God’s Word moved you?

Ponder and meditate what has connected with your heart or mind; pray to God about what it is that has moved you today.

Turn your thoughts to God and quietly enjoy being with Him.

Sunday 8/11/19

Sermon on Jonah ch.1.

Discuss with friends and family the message from today (the available group discussion guide can aid with questions/prompts if needed)

  • Is there anything specific that God revelated to you (or reminded you of) during today’s message?
  • Is there any specific response you sense God wants from you? Write that here and pray/respond about that this week!