Thursday (2/13/20)

Read Luke 19:1-10

  • Based on this passage, what do we learn about Zacchaeus? Who is he? What’s he like?
  • What do you think Zacchaeus learns about Jesus from his encounter?
  • Zacchaeus is so obviously moved by his interaction with Jesus, that he boldly declares his sin and his work to make things right. I know this is speculation – but what do you think about Jesus could have provoked this response?
  • Who is Jesus to you in this story?

Wednesday (2/12/20)

Read Luke 11:37-54

Today a Pharisee invites Jesus over to his house. Hmmm. Interesting. Then Jesus begins to “tell him about himself”, as well as others there! 

  • What do these listeners hear about themselves? 
  • What is Jesus trying to help them understand about themselves?
  • What is revealed about Jesus in this section?

Tuesday (2/11/20)

Read Luke 10:25-37

  • The expert in the Law comes to questions Jesus. Why do you think that he comes?
  • What do you think he learns in this discussion with Jesus?
  • Are there ways that you try to justify yourself and not own up to sin in your life?

Jesus chooses a Samaritan to star in His teaching here. The Samaritans were hated by the Jews, and I’m sure it was shocking that Jesus implies that care for this hated person was part of loving neighbors.

  • Who is it in your life that Jesus would have you actively show love for?
  • What does this story teach you about Jesus?

Monday (2/10/20)

We are going to continue looking at interactions Jesus has with men in the gospels. Today we will start with a couple of the disciples of John the Baptist. 

Read Luke 7:18-35

  • It is obvious that Jesus has a great amount of esteem for John the Baptist. How do you think Jesus feels about John’s questions?
  • What do you think John’s disciples expected from Jesus as they approached?
  • What do you think that they discovered about Jesus’ character ?
  • What do you appreciate about Jesus here?

Sunday (2/9/20)

Pay Attention! 🙂

Let’s take some time to reflect and pray before we head to worship together.

  • Look back through the past week. What have you learned about Jesus that you appreciate?
  • What causes you to stop and praise Him?

Spend some time in quiet prayer and praise to the Lord

Saturday (2/8/20)

Read Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10

  • What do we learn about this Centurion? What’s he like?
  • Why do you think Jesus finds his faith so amazing?
  • What, in your life, would you like to ask Jesus to heal?
  • What are you discovering about Jesus from this interchange?

Friday (2/7/20)

Read Luke 6:1-11

  • What traits about Jesus are disclosed in this passage?
  • Jesus seems intent on exposing the hearts of the Pharisees and Teachers. Why do you think that He does this?
  • Sit for a bit and quietly ask the Holy Spirit to show you aspects of yourself that He wants to expose to the light.