Wednesday (7/1/20)

Read Genesis 41

  • Where do you see Joseph acting out of faith in this chapter?
  • How do you think his hardships and pain forged in him a character ready for this position?
  • How can you see that Joseph has not grown bitter towards the Lord during his time in prison?
  • Joseph did not seem to waste his time in prison. How is the season you are in right now able to be used to prepare you for what’s ahead?

Tuesday (6/30/20)

Read Genesis 39-40

We are back to Joseph and the saga following his being sold by his brothers into slavery. Remember in James this spring we read about how trials develop our perseverance and faith? We can watch this happen in Joseph and marvel at his responses.

  • Where do you see faith developing in these 2 chapters?
  • I love that in each situation, we are told “the Lord was with him.” It reminds me of Hagar early in Genesis when she called God ‘the God who sees me.” In your current situation, how do you sense that the Lord is with you?
  • In the midst of hard times, why do you think Joseph does not turn away from God in anger?
  • How do you respond to the Lord during trials and pain?

Monday (6/29/20)

Read Genesis 38

Well, some family dysfunction, or rather some more family dysfunction! Makes me feel at home reading the scriptures. God is no stranger to our unhealthy styles of relating! He just wants us to cooperate in the change.

  • How has it seemed that living amongst a pagan culture has impacted Israel’s family?
  • Where do you see faithless action for both Tamar and Judah?
  • In Matthew 1, Tamar is listed as 1 of 5 women in the lineage of Jesus. Jesus, descended from the line of Judah, is familiar with generational sin and poor choices. How does it encourage you that these two are direct descendants of Jesus?

Sunday (6/28/20)

Grace Day!

Today is a day to be slower. We’ve been reading a lot, and even though it is a story, perhaps you need some grace and time to catch up.

Saturday (6/27/20)

Read Genesis 37

In chapter 35 God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, and we see Israel build an altar to remember. Continue to record these altars on the paper you started a few weeks ago!

Israel (Jacob) had obviously not learned the lesson regarding favoritism during his own childhood and passes this down yet another generation. I am reminded of what we learned this Spring in the study of James and how God specifically commands us to not show favoritism.

  • In your own family, what traits have been passed down from your parents that you would like to see the Lord change in you?
  • Where have you seen the Lord change you? Or where would you liketo cooperate for some future change?
  • Why do you think God gave Joseph the dreams that he had?
  • Picture the scene where he shares these with the older siblings. What do you think motivates them to respond as they do?
  • How do you think favoritism plays into the events recorded here?
  • How is this generational sin damaging to all that it touches? The favorite and the non-favorite?

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any areas of generational sin that are lodged in your character and behavior.

Friday (6/26/20)

Read Genesis 32:22-32 & Genesis 33

Sometimes I just want to sigh when I read about Jacob’s responses. I see his faith growing, and then I see him lie and I feel sad. But I know that there is also this contradiction in myself.

  • In the past few days, where have your actions contradicted your faith?
  • Where do you see a lack of faith in him?

A friend said to me today, “the Lord has really been after me to forgive someone.” What a blessing that no matter how old we grow, the Holy Spirit is still after us to produce more and better fruit in our lives.

Write out a prayer of thanks to the Lord for where you see Him after you.

Thursday (6/25/20)

Read Genesis 31-32:21

  • In Genesis 31:42, Jacob does not seem to have his own relationship with God. How does this change during these chapters?
  • Where do you see faith growing in Jacob?
  • Is there a relationship in your life that has been fractured the way that Jacob & Esau’s has been?

Jacob recognizes that he has been so greatly blessed by God. Take some time and write out specific ways that you have been blessed and you can point directly to God for those blessings.