Wednesday (10/2/19)

Read Acts 6

The previous readings could give us the idea that this new fellowship of believers just coasted through relationships. But here in chapter 6 we some some racial tension arising. Though it seems to start from the desire to meet the needs of the widows, it goes south a bit…

What’s happening?

What is cool about the way that the conflict gets solved?

What is the community response to this?

Are there areas of racial division in our body here at Riverside?

Are there biases that YOU  hold in your heart? And before you automatically think, “no way!”really sit and ask the Holy Spirit to show you your heart.

Spend today doing this one thing: pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you hidden biases against people “not like you.” Genuinely  let Him speak to you deep inside. Desire “truth in your inmost parts” and the Holy Spirit will speak.

If there are specific areas the Holy Spirit identifies, you should share that with someone else.  Call them, text them, email them, let someone else in your life know what the Lord identified and ask them to help you grow in Christ-likeness.

Tuesday (10/1/19)

Read Acts 4

Peter again is explaining some truth. What stands out to you from what he shares?

From verse 32-37, what characterized their fellowship? Which of these traits pop out to you?

How hard would it be for your possessions to be common with others?

Potentially, what does this demonstration of needing each other / supplying needs communicate to the world around us?

How comfortable are you with the idea of needing others? What’s hard about this for you?

Sit quietly and ask the Lord to show you areas where you need to grow in either meeting the needs of others, or allowing others to meet your needs.

Monday (9/30/19)

Read Acts 1 & 2

In chapter 1 we see  how the believers waited together for the promised Holy Spirit. After looking at all that the Holy Spirit does for us in our studies through John a couple weeks back, it is hard to imagine a life without the Spirit to guide, lead, teach, and comfort. Pray before you begin and ask Him to teach you as you read.

What kinds of things is Peter explaining in this chapter?

The new church that grew out of these messages was a bit large (v41). From verses 42-47, what kinds of things characterized them when they gathered together in groups?

Which of these pops out to you?

Which of these do you see here at Riverside?

What do you not see amongst us?

Their becoming a community, they way that they lived out their spiritual  community, changed their physical surrounding community. Spend some time praying that we as a body of believers would impact the city of South Bend.

Sunday (9/29/19)

Read Daniel 6

Ahhhh, we’ve all been waiting for this familiar chapter.

What do we learn about Daniel’s character from this chapter?

Whenever I read this chapter, two questions come to my mind, so we will just think on these two:

Daniel had a specific “rhythm of life” with his praying and worshipping of God. What is the rhythm of your spiritual life? 

What practices are routine for you to ensure that you stay connected to the vine?

God comes in and rescues Daniel from the lion, just like he rescued a few chapters earlier from the furnace. 

What happens in your life when God allows the pain to roll in, when He doesn’t “rescue” in the way that we envision? 

How do we feel about Him in those moments?

Spend some time preparing your heart for the worship service. Sit quietly again and just be with Jesus.

Saturday (9/28/19)

Read Daniel 5

Remember in school when you would read something and answer standard questions? Well, from this narrative, answer the classic WWWWW questions:

  • Who:
  • What:
  • When:
  • Where:
  • Why:

The knowledge that my days are numbered is very sobering to me. Especially knowing that I do not control the numbering of them.  Pause and listen to one of the following songs:

Teach Us to Number Our Days (The song is old style- but the lyrics are incredible)

Blink (this one is more modern!)

Spend some time asking the Lord to give you some global perspective on your life.To show you how your days have been ordered until now. Prayer for the days going forward that you might life with wisdom.

Friday (9/27/19)

Read Daniel 4

Explain what happens in this chapter?

Why do you think God delays a year (vs 28) in the fulfillment?

What were Neb’s “sins”?

From verses 35 and 37 specifically – what can we learn about who God is?

Are there things that trouble you as you think about “God doing as He pleases”? Do you feel able to trust Him in this?

Spend some time seeking the Lord and specifically asking if there are areas of mistrust in you towards Him.

Have there been times you were angry about His ways?

How have you seen Him to be “right and just”? Thank Him for those things.

Thursday (9/26/19)

Read Daniel Chapter 3

Now we get to learn a bit more about Daniel’s three friends and what stuff they are made of. I always think it’s interesting that Daniel gets to be the “famous one” and have the book in his name. But he is surrounded by some cool men.

What do you learn about the character of these three young men?

What do you learn about God and who He is from this chapter?

How do you think that the community of the four of them (including Daniel) there in Babylon impacts how they live?

What does community look like for you right now? Who are your “three friends” (figurative – you don’t have to actually a specific number!) that surround you with strong witness and courage?

Spend some time thanking the Lord for the list above.Thank Him for His provision of people in your life. Ask Him if there is a void or people in your life. Search your heart about the person you are to the people around you.

Pray for our community of believers at Riverside.