Monday (10/7/19)

Give Careful Thought to Your Ways

Last month we spent a lot of time & energy learning, memorizing, and reflecting on the things that become true of us as we are “in Christ” from Ephesians. These things are given, or imparted, or made true of us, because of Christ and His work on our behalf.

This week, we heard Keith speak on “giving careful thought to our ways” from Haggai 1:5. Considering. Weighing. Examining.

This implies some action on our part. God has called us chosen, precious, valuable, sons and daughters, and much more. In light of those truths we can look at our lives from the past and the future. We can consider how we have lived, and then consider how we want to move forward. We can, like Daniel from the Bible, resolve to live lives that are carefully thought over.

I am excited to make this true of myself and I hope you are as well. This week we are going to consider some more words of the prophets to the Israelites and then camp out in 2nd Timothy. Hopefully as you read words from Joshua, Isaiah, and Jeremiah you will be spurred on to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to examine the way that you have been heading as well as shed light on where He wants you to go.

Read the following three passages aloud several times each.

Joshua 24:14-27

Joshua is the leader that God appointed to follow Moses and to lead the people into the Promised Land. As he is getting ready to die, he exhorts the people to consider how they are living and choose each one for themselves how they will order their lives.

Isaiah 44:13-20

Isaiah is a prophet to the Israelites as they have departed far from the Lord and His ways, despite their words to Joshua. In this passage he is asking the people to consider their thinking. They are at the point of being taken captive and headed into exile in a foreign land.

Jeremiah 6:16

Jeremiah is also a prophet about the time of the exile.

After reading these, consider this:

What is the Lord impressing on your heart about your life & times?

What does He want you to give careful thought to?

Are there ways that you are saying “I will not walk in Your ways”?

Sunday (10/6/19)

Today, before you begin, take some time to just sit and be quiet before the Lord. Perhaps listen to some worship, or even some nature sounds. Just sit. No agenda. Just time to enjoy.

Now, look back through our previous posts (or emails) and write out the things that you were prompted to DO. As you sort through this list, pray and ask the Spirit to have some “pop out” for you as resolutions that you want to become part of your character and life.

Note: if you are using the web devotional you can use the calendar (right-hand side on computer, bottom of the page if you are using a phone) to browse through each day.

We are designed for the Together, the community, the fellowship of believers. Who is someone you can share these resolutions with for some accountability in your life?

Prepare yourself to worship and learn as you head to church this morning.

Saturday (10/5/19)

Reflection and Review

We are going to walk back through the last four weeks today and tomorrow so we can really “mine” this series for what we have seen, read, learned, and come to believe. And then, because what we believe is always worked out in how we live, we are going to, like Daniel, make some resolutions for our daily lives. Today we will focus on the Know and the Be.

Look back through the previous posts (or daily emails) and pull out things that you came to KNOW about God and His character. Take your time and really list it out. Note: if you are using the web devotional you can use the calendar (right-hand side on computer, bottom of the page if you are using a phone) to browse through each day.

Now, go back through our previous posts (or emails) and write out the BE aspects you saw: ways that you are becoming more like Christ, parts of your life that were challenged to be transformed.

Spend some time thanking the Lord for each part of His character that was revealed and for each piece of yourself that He is patiently transforming!

Friday (10/4/19)

Read Acts 10

Again, we see some racial issues in this text, some issues of prejudicial thinking, and some stretching thoughts about who and how God reaches out to.

As you prayed and pondered a couple days ago, did the Holy Spirit bring to mind any issues of bias or prejudice in your heart?

From Cornelius’ perspective – explain what’s happening and how you think he might be feeling?

Same for Peter – explain what’s happening and how you think he might be feeling?

What do we learn about God’s character from this chapter?

What do we observe in Peter that can be a model for us?

Sit and ask the Holy Spirit to show you some “next steps” after meditating on this passage.

Thursday (10/3/19)

Read Acts 8

In this chapter, we see horrible persecution scattering the church far and wide. Work through the following questions after you pray and ask for the Spirit to give wisdom.

  • KNOW (what does the text say about God?)
  • BE (What does the text say about us?)
  • DO (what is the text calling me to do?)

Take time today to think through those questions from this passage. Write out your response on a sheet of paper.




Do you sense the Lord saying anything to you today?

Wednesday (10/2/19)

Read Acts 6

The previous readings could give us the idea that this new fellowship of believers just coasted through relationships. But here in chapter 6 we some some racial tension arising. Though it seems to start from the desire to meet the needs of the widows, it goes south a bit…

What’s happening?

What is cool about the way that the conflict gets solved?

What is the community response to this?

Are there areas of racial division in our body here at Riverside?

Are there biases that YOU  hold in your heart? And before you automatically think, “no way!”really sit and ask the Holy Spirit to show you your heart.

Spend today doing this one thing: pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you hidden biases against people “not like you.” Genuinely  let Him speak to you deep inside. Desire “truth in your inmost parts” and the Holy Spirit will speak.

If there are specific areas the Holy Spirit identifies, you should share that with someone else.  Call them, text them, email them, let someone else in your life know what the Lord identified and ask them to help you grow in Christ-likeness.

Tuesday (10/1/19)

Read Acts 4

Peter again is explaining some truth. What stands out to you from what he shares?

From verse 32-37, what characterized their fellowship? Which of these traits pop out to you?

How hard would it be for your possessions to be common with others?

Potentially, what does this demonstration of needing each other / supplying needs communicate to the world around us?

How comfortable are you with the idea of needing others? What’s hard about this for you?

Sit quietly and ask the Lord to show you areas where you need to grow in either meeting the needs of others, or allowing others to meet your needs.