Tuesday (8/27/19)

Read 1st Peter 2 (with special attention on v.1-10) (go slow, see prompts from Monday)

  • These next two days we will root in 1st Peter 2.  The KEY about this chapter is the first part is about our identity as God’s people, the second part is how we respond and live IN LIGHT of our identity.  The order is CRITICAL!  If we try to “live such good lives (v.12)” out of our own strength or out of an attempt to earn God’s love, things will go way wrong.  God gives us our identity, and out of that, out of who we are, we are then able to “live as free men (v.16).” 

So TODAY, focus on 1st Peter 2:1-10, who you (we) are as followers of Jesus.

  • Study this passage and process through the following three questions:
    Know(what does the text say about God?)  
    Be(what does it say about us?) 
    Do(what does it call us to do?)