Daily Devotional

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Monday 2/6/23

  • Read John 4: 1-14 

So, we pop into this story at noon, near a Samaritan town called Sychar. Being located in the desert, most people would come very early to the well to draw water. But this woman comes in the heat of the day—perhaps to avoid contact with and being rejected by the other townspeople. We learn more of her story here and get to see Jesus’ amazing encounter with her. 

(A Samaritan in the Bible was a person from Samaria a region north of Jerusalem. In Jesus’ day, the Jewish people of Galilee and Judea shunned the Samaritans, viewing them as a mixed race who practiced an impure, half-pagan religion.

  • From what you know of the Old Testament times, what was abnormal in Jesus approaching a woman? 
  • What about a Samaritan woman? 
  • What can we learn about who Jesus is from this encounter? 
  • How does Jesus demonstrate esteem to the woman in this encounter?  

Sunday 2/5/23

Spend some time this morning relaxing with the Father. Write out some of the characteristics of God that you can exalt in prayer today.

Saturday 2/4/23

  • Read John 3  

  • If you had to condense this chapter to one sentence, what would you say? Write your summary on a separate piece of paper.
  • What are the 2 things you will remember most from this chapter?

Friday 2/3/23

  • Read John 3   

What do you appreciate about what John has to say in the ending section of this chapter? 

John expresses his joy at hearing the voice of Jesus, the Bridegroom.  

In your relationship with Jesus—where is your joy? What brings you joy? 

Think back over the last year—write out some moments of joy that you experienced: 

Thursday 2/2/23

  • Read John 3  

  • How have you loved the light in your own life? Where do you see evidence of wanting light shined on your areas of darkness? 
  • Where do you see in your sphere a lack of love for the light? 
  • What are ways you can seek out the light and seek to have our darkness exposed?  
  • Who is someone(s) you could ask to help keep you accountable to living in the light?

Wednesday 2/1/23

  • Read John 3  

Explain verses 16-18 in your own words: 

  • Why are people condemned? How do you feel about that? 
  • Pray for those in your own life that you believe, right now, stand condemned. List them out and pray for them to experience the new birth of the Spirit. 

Tuesday 1/31/23


  • Read John 3   

Jesus explains to Nicodemus that He will be lifted up just like Moses held high the snake in the desert. 

  • Read Numbers 21: 4-9 

Explain the visual aide of the bronze snake. 

  • The word lifted up could be replaced with the word ‘exalted’? 
  • How had the Israelites not exalted God in the midst of their trial? 
  • How can you, in your life right now, exalt God over your circumstances or other people in your life?