Daily Devotional

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Wednesday (1/22/20)

Read 1 Peter 1

KNOW (what does the text say about God?)

BE (What does the text say about us?)

DO (what is the text calling me to do?)

Take time today to think through those questions from this passage.




If you had to sum up in one sentence who Jesus is from this reading- how would you describe Him?

Tuesday (1/21/20)

We are going to spend the rest of this week working through the Know, Be, Do method of study in the books of 1 and 2 Peter

We’ve seen him in the gospels, the good, the bad, and definitely some ugly. These two letters were written near the end of his life (he was martyred), and we get a glimpse into:

  • The man that He has grown into and
  • How he has come to see the Father and the Son has he has matured.

If you want to preview the Bible Project videos on these two books, check out the videos below:

1 Peter

2 Peter

Monday (1/20/20)

We will continue through the life of Peter to see how his relationship with Jesus continues to grow and unfold. You may have wondered why we have only read from the first three gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke. We have not read anything from the gospel of John. No deep reason, except that just prior to Easter, we are doing to go verse by verse through the book of John and it seemed good to wait until then to dig out those verses!

Read Luke 22:54-62

  • Who is Jesus to Peter in this passage?

Read Luke 24:36-53

  • Having read the earlier passage, how do you think Peter is feeling amongst this group at the end of Luke?
  • In your life, how have you seen Jesus redeem (buy back) mistakes, character flaws, past pain, and/or wounds from others?

Sunday (1/19/20)

We won’t have a chance to really dig into the lives of each of the Apostles. Today, click here to read about the men who walked with Jesus. History would say that all but one of them died as a martyr. They obviously believed that Jesus was indeed the son of God, that He died and that He rose again from the dead.

  • As you read about each of these men, what stood out to you?
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart for the worship service this morning.
  • Remember to be paying attention to what your attention is focused on.

Saturday (1/18/20)

Read Matthew 26:36-46

This had to be a hard night for Peter. Peter learns that one of his closest people (the disciples had lived together for the past three years) would betray Jesus, he hears Jesus explain that His body and blood will be broken and poured out, and that Jesus believed he (Peter) would disown his beloved Jesus. 

  • Look back over this week at the various things that you learned about Peter. How would you describe him now that you’ve spent a week reading about him?
  • Do the same thing with your answers about Jesus. How has He been revealed to you?
  • What is unearthed in Jesus’ character and person in today’s reading?
  • Reflect back on a time when you were disappointed in someone’s response to you or their casual response to something that you asked of them. 
  • Reflect on a time when you disappointed someone. Has that relationship been made right?

Thursday (1/16/20)

Read Matthew 17:1-13 (also recorded in Mark 9 and Luke 9)

Again, try to put yourself in Peter’s shoes as he experiences this story.

  • Describe Peter and his responses. I personally love that Mark’s account of this story tells us that Peter just didn’t know what to say – but that doesn’t mean he kept quiet :-).
  • What new elements of Jesus are disclosed to Peter during this encounter?
  • Is there anything that you learn from this passage that surprises or amazed you about Jesus?
  • Has there been a time in your life when you were stopped speechless by something that God did in or around you? Write out this story with as much detail as you remember…

Spend some time praying and asking God to make Himself known to you.

Friday (1/17/20)

Read Matthew 26:17-35 (also told in Mark 14 and Luke 22)

  • What are the things that Jesus communicates to Peter (and others) in this scene?
  • Who does Jesus reveal Himself to be? What do we uncover about His character?
  • How do you respond when someone tells you something about yourself that you don’t want to hear? What if that person is Jesus or the Holy Spirit?
  • Imagine that you are Jesus here. How are you feeling knowing that He would be struck down, and all of those with Him right them would scatter?

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a tender heart to listen to his voice.