Daily Devotional

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Wednesday 10/20/21

  • Read Acts 13: 13-52

In verse 4 we read “the two of them”.
In verse 13 we read “Paul and his companions”.

  • Besides the name change from Saul to Paul, what do you think has happened to their group in this span of time?
  • How can this shift in who is seen as the leader work well?
  • What does it take from all parties?
  • I love verse 36. If you had to define what your purpose is in this generation, what would you say?

Paul clearly explains salvation, the forgiveness of sins, and their rejection. He also explains how their gospel efforts

will extend to the Gentiles. We are all beneficiaries of that—I’ll bet that most of us are

non-Jewish people.

Spend some time praying and thanking God for his expansive mercy that extends to all of us!

Tuesday 10/19/21

  • Read Acts: 13: 4-12

Reflect on the following questions:

  • When has there been a time in your life when you served closely with just a couple people that has been meaningful to you?
  • What made it meaningful?
  • What is the value of serving closely alongside others versus being more solo in ministry?
  • What are the potential challenges?
  • Imagine that you are John- the helper- what are you learning as you watch Saul and Barnabus?

Friday 10/15/21

  • Read Acts 11: 19-30

It is often said that the soil of persecution brings growth and deepening for the body of Christ.

  • Why do you think it works this way?

Stop now and spend some time praying for brothers and sisters around the globe that do not have the freedoms that we have and who are facing persecution daily for their faith.

  • How have painful or hard situations in your own life been fertile soil for growth?
  • What is some of the fruit that you’ve seen grow?
  • How has the fruit that the Lord has grown in your life benefited the body here? Barnabas becomes such a blessing in Antioch!

Thursday 10/14/21

  • Read Acts 11:1-18

Peter gets confronted by his friends, leaders, and fellow believers about eating with Gentiles.

  • Who in your life confronts you when they see sin, or the potential of sin? On a separate piece of paper, list some names and how they have done this in your life.
  • If there is no one on your list, how can you cultivate such relationships?
  • Why do you think relationships like this are of value?

Wednesday 10/13/21

  • Read Acts 10: 23-48

Peter does not see Cornelius’ request to come as an interruption to life. He hears the Lord’s voice telling him to go and he goes.

  • What kinds of responses do you tend to have to the ‘interruptions’ of life?
  • How could mindfulness towards the Spirit’s voice move you to be more hospitable to these people that pop into the day?
  • Who do you tend to show favoritism towards and how can you grow to have more of God’s heart?

Tuesday 10/12/21

  • Read Acts 10:9-23

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What gets explained to Peter in his visions?
  • Has there ever been a time when God prepared you in advance for a challenging situation to come? What happened?

In the Jewish custom, Peter would have been raised avoiding any meats that were deemed ‘unclean’ in the Old
Testament law. God was preparing him to be in the home of a Gentile (Cornelius), and to eat what he was served.

  • What does it look like in your life to spend time with people not that similar to you?
  • How does it stretch your heart to know that God values all the various types of people in our world?

Monday 10/11/21

  • Read Acts 10:1-8

This is one of my favorite stories! Cornelius, though devout, god fearing, and generous, was not saved (like we talked about last week). He needed to hear the good news.

  • Who, in your life, resembles Cornelius and does not have a relationship with Jesus? Stop and pray for them right now.
  • What are the ways that you rely on your good actions rather than faith?
  • How does God speak to you? Are you a quick obeyer?
  • What gets in the way of obedience for you?