Do mission with god... together

During His life on earth, Jesus constantly taught and modeled a new way of living that has radically influenced and altered cultures for the past two thousand years. And Jesus is still active and has a mission today. At Riverside we focus on each follower of Jesus learning how to be on mission with God and with each other.

This includes each person being missional where God has placed them (neighborhood, workplace, family, friends), as well as participating in local and global mission with the church.

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Riverside Church acquired (debt free) the former Beacon Bowling alley on the west side of South Bend in December 2010. And yes… there is an amazing story behind how this happened. Ironically, we liked not having a church building, as it kept us focused on people instead of a facility. For our first seven years, we met on Sunday mornings in schools and in homes throughout the week.

Part of our mission is to “Do mission with God… together,” and we discerned that we needed to do something special with this facility. Let’s be honest; church buildings are nice, but another traditional church building wasn’t going to make much difference in our local community. We asked the community what was needed…Immediately, one need was identified unanimously: space.

To serve the community by providing usable space, we decided to set-up a separate non-profit organization that would own and work to convert the empty bowling alley into a community center–a shared space where the community can connect and grow, kids and students can be themselves in a safe environment, and local non-profits can utilize it to become lights of transformation in our community.

In 2015, The Beacon re-opened with 30,000 sq. feet of renovated multi-purpose programming space available for the community. Today there are over 17 partner organizations that use the space weekly for academic, recreational, or mentoring programs.

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