Careful Thought


Give Careful Thought to Your Ways (Haggai 1:5)

Everyone has a WAY of living (sometimes called a “rule of life” or “rhythm of life”). One might not be able to verbalize their ways, but you can easily see them in daily rhythms:

  • where they spend their time, energy, and money
  • what they treasure and seek fulfillment and satisfaction in
  • what gives them a sense of purpose and meaning

At Riverside, we help each other “Give Careful Thought to Our Ways.” There are many scriptures about paying attention to your daily rhythms and aligning them with God’s mission: for example, Haggai 1:5, Matthew 7:21-23, Mark 1:35, John 15:4-5, Romans 12:1-2, Colossians 2:6-8, 1st Timothy 4:8, Hebrews 12:1-2, and 2nd Peter 2:5-9.

Becoming more like Jesus requires a plan of action; otherwise, it will never happen. Because of this, Riverside’s main approach to ministry is helping one another live intentionally.

Make no mistake, we do not think someone can “will themselves” to become more like Jesus nor “earn” God’s love. But we each have a major role to play in structuring our lives and cultivating space for our growth. Riverside is committed to helping each other move beyond random, haphazard approaches to following Jesus.

At Riverside, we give careful thought to our ways through teaching, discussing in home groups, and striving to live an emotionally healthy and active spiritual life.

We also have corporate Rhythms of Life to foster growth:

You can learn more about giving careful thought to our ways through these “Rule of Life” resources:

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