Thursday (8/29/19)

Read Acts 1 (with special attention on v.1-11) (go slow, see prompts from Monday)

  • Study this passage and process through the following three questions:
    Know(what does the text say about God?)  
    Be(what does it say about us?) 
    Do(what does it call us to do?)
  • Pray through various parts of this passage.  
    • For example, read v.2, assume that is God speaking, and then pray in response something like, “Jesus, thank you for the Holy Spirit, and being that you are in heaven right now, reigning, I worship you.  You are truly great and wonderful and worthy of my allegiance today”.  Then read v.3, then pray something like, “Jesus, I sometimes have doubts, that’s just the honest truth.  Would you help me…”. v.4, “Holy Sprit, help me wait on You today, really be attentive to your leading and guiding, help me recognize …”