Wednesday (10/2/19)

Read Acts 6

The previous readings could give us the idea that this new fellowship of believers just coasted through relationships. But here in chapter 6 we some some racial tension arising. Though it seems to start from the desire to meet the needs of the widows, it goes south a bit…

What’s happening?

What is cool about the way that the conflict gets solved?

What is the community response to this?

Are there areas of racial division in our body here at Riverside?

Are there biases that YOU  hold in your heart? And before you automatically think, “no way!”really sit and ask the Holy Spirit to show you your heart.

Spend today doing this one thing: pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you hidden biases against people “not like you.” Genuinely  let Him speak to you deep inside. Desire “truth in your inmost parts” and the Holy Spirit will speak.

If there are specific areas the Holy Spirit identifies, you should share that with someone else.  Call them, text them, email them, let someone else in your life know what the Lord identified and ask them to help you grow in Christ-likeness.