Sunday (10/6/19)

Today, before you begin, take some time to just sit and be quiet before the Lord. Perhaps listen to some worship, or even some nature sounds. Just sit. No agenda. Just time to enjoy.

Now, look back through our previous posts (or emails) and write out the things that you were prompted to DO. As you sort through this list, pray and ask the Spirit to have some “pop out” for you as resolutions that you want to become part of your character and life.

Note: if you are using the web devotional you can use the calendar (right-hand side on computer, bottom of the page if you are using a phone) to browse through each day.

We are designed for the Together, the community, the fellowship of believers. Who is someone you can share these resolutions with for some accountability in your life?

Prepare yourself to worship and learn as you head to church this morning.