Monday (10/28/19)

The last two Sundays we’ve heard Keith speak on some passages from the book of Philippians. Let’s take some time to read through the whole book together.

We’ve spent several weeks looking at who God reveals Himself to be. These next two weeks, we will spend some time looking at ourselves in light of knowing who God is.

Take some time to watch this overview of the book of Philippians from The Bible Project.

Read Philippians 1:1-11

As we reflect on “be transformed by the Spirit,” let’s look at these verses from that vantage point. Let’s also remember to ask the Spirit to speak and teach us as we seek to be transformed.

  • Paul says that he is confident that God continues His good work in each of us. How have you seen God continuing to work in your life? What evidence do you see in yourself of transformation?
  • Who is it in your life that you long for with the affection of Jesus because they are so in your heart? What are you praying for them?
  • Write out what exactly Paul is praying for these people that he loves.
  • How does each part of his prayer participate in their transformation? For example, how does my love growing in knowledge help transform me more into Jesus’ likeness?