Tuesday (7/7/20)

Read Exodus 1-2

God made a promise way back in Genesis 15 to Abraham. We are going to see it be fulfilled over these next few weeks. These two chapters cover a lot of years!

  • How has the climate changed for the Israelites?
  • How do we see racism at work between the Egyptians and the Israelites? (at least that is what I see in the king when he says “there’s a lot of them, and they are getting more numerous, they may turn on us…”)
  • How do you see God’s sovereignty at work in these chapters?

Moses is born a Levite. The Levites would become the tribe of the priests, the people who would be the ones leading the people to walk righteously before God. Moses obviously knows that he is an Israelite, which is interesting to me.

  • Why do you think he chooses to identify with the Israelites now when it seems like he had not previously?

In verse 24 we see again that “God remembered” phrase. Reminiscent of Noah in the ark, God’s remembering is always accompanied by His moving, his action.

  • How has God used a hard situation in your life to point you towards Himself?

Moses lives in exile for a long time. Probably so long that he has no thoughts of his former life in Egypt.

  • We’ve all, in the social distancing, been in a sort of exile. What kinds of things did you see God teach you through that time?