Monday (7/20/20)

Read Exodus 32 – 33:6

Can you imagine being Moses – who held his arms up to part the Red Sea. Now surely God had parted the waters and dried up the ocean floor- but Moses was the “front man.” And then the people refer to him in 32:1 “as for this fellow Moses, who brought us up out of Egypt, we don’t know what has happened to him.” Therefore the logical plan was to make their own gods.

  • What’s Aaron’s part in leading the people astray? What makes you sad in his response?
  • It is sobering to think that 3000 people died that day. What part does their own sin play? And what part does Aaron’s leadership fail them? How is Moses’ leadership different?
  • Who do you lead? Who are your followers? James warned us this spring that we are accountable for how we lead others. (James 3:1)

Spend some time just sitting with the Lord and asking the Holy Spirit to show you yourself. If someone had followed you all day yesterday, would they have been drawn closer to Jesus because of how you lived and walked? The Father wants to show us ourselves so that we can be more conformed into the image of His son.