Wednesday (7/22/20)

Read Deuteronomy 31

Moses tells Joshua twice to be “strong and courageous” and tells him three to four times to not be afraid or terrified! That might terrify me!

  • How does Moses act as a strong father to Joshua through this process?
  • What fears do you think the people might have watching this transfer of leadership right before such a huge task for them (entering in and taking the Promised Land)?
  • How does He show care for them in the song He has Moses write?

All of these strong words from the Lord and from Moses about the unfaithfulness of the people is said (it seems) in the hearing of Joshua. He would be their leader and they would be unfaithful.

  • Think of a time when you have led someone well, only to have them turn away from how you instructed them. How did you feel?