WEDNESDAY (12/9/20)

Hi, my name is Dale. My wife Cathy and I have been on the Elder Team at Riverside for the past two years. We have attended Riverside since its inception 11 years ago.

The passages you are going to read today are Genesis 12:1-5 and Genesis 15:1-6. These passages describe God’s call to Abram and the covenant he establishes with him. In Genesis 12:1-5 God calls Abram and commands him to leave his country and his people to go to a land that God will reveal to him. God promises to bless Abram and to make him a great nation and that through him all the people on earth will be blessed. Abram chooses to obey God even though he has no idea where God will lead him. He realizes that the blessings he will receive in obedience will be greater than the things he will leave behind. He takes his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, and the people he has acquired in Harran and heads for the land of Canaan. In Genesis 15:1-6 God appears to Abram in a vision and tells him to not be afraid, that he is his shield and his great reward. Abram asks God how His promise will be fulfilled since He has given him no children, and a servant of his household will be his heir. God reassures Abram saying “This man will not be your heir, but a son who is your own flesh and blood will be your heir”. God tells him to look up at the sky and count the stars, that his offspring will be just as numerous.

These passages demonstrate God’s faithfulness. Even in times of doubt, God will reassure us of His promises and will fulfill them as we remain obedient to Him.

Now, do the Know, Be, Do method of study through the chapter.

  • KNOW (What does the text say about God?)
  • BE (What does the text say about us?)
  • DO (What is the text calling me/us to do?)