MONDAY (12/28/20)

Happy Monday! It’s me Susan again. Some other interesting things about me: I get to do the announcements every week, and I get to serve with the teens! Shawn and I have a blended family and love this non traditional part of ourselves. A deeply held value of ours is that families should be more open and inclusive of the single folks around us.

Today we are going to read: 1 Kings 11:9-13 and 1 Kings 12:1-24. Jeff shared on Saturday that Solomon was commanded to walk before the Lord in the example of his father, David. Today we read that he absolutely did not do that.

I can’t wait to meet David in heaven. Scripture gives us such a great picture of his person- complete with huge failings, and huge repentance. One time I searched (using a computer 🙂 ) for all the times that the sentence “for the sake of my servant David” occurs so that I could read those passages. Solomon, as David’s son, saw much of this as he lived alongside David. Yet it seems that he did not learn the repentance portion of David’s character. This always makes me sad to read. Then, Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, also begins to lead in arrogance rejecting the wisdom of the elders. Jesus, often referred to as “the son of David” finally leads in a godly direction. Pointing His beloved Israel to the Father.

  • What areas of your character are you allowing and seeking the Lord’s refining so that he might say, “for the sake of my servant _______ (your name)?”
  • Where do you go for wisdom in your life? Is it God’s wisdom that you receive back? How intent are you at following Godly wisdom?