MONDAY (2/15/21)

Hi, my name is Susan Titus. I’m in the Marquette Home Group led by
Keith and Shelley. I’ve been married to Shawn for almost 33 years! I
have served at Camp Ray Bird for over 20 years and I never get tired of
summer camp. Demonstrating Jesus’ love to campers is an amazing job
to have! I joke with my friend, Alyssa, that I will probably just fall over
and die there one day. To which she always replies, “can it not be during
summer camp- it will scare the campers”, and “do we have to talk about
this?” :).

In this Devotional, we are going to walk through the life of Jesus as told
through the eyes of Matthew, one of His disciples. During Advent, the
season of waiting prior to Christmas, we journeyed through the Old
Testament looking at stories that pointed to our need for a Savior, God’s
plan to redeem us through a Savior, and prophecies about the coming
Savior. I cannot imagine God’s excitement to see it all come to pass in
the birth of Jesus.

God among us. Dwelling in our neighborhood (the world). Being
vulnerable to hunger, relational pain and disappointment, and
ultimately to death.

I am praying to see Jesus through fresh eyes during this Lenten season.
That the stories we read, and the questions we answer, will reintroduce
me to Jesus.

A couple questions to consider as we begin this journey together:

  • What is one thing you’d like God to show you about Himself during this season?
  • What area of your humanness are you most thankful for Jesus being able to identify with?