THURSDAY (2/18/21)

Howdy, my name is Jack Swope, I’m a member of the Walatka’s
Marquette Home Group. I’ve been married to Laura 10 years and work
at Memorial Hospital as a Materials Analyst.

  • My text to reflect on is Matthew 3, please take a moment to read this.

In particular, we will be reflecting on Matt. 3:2, 3:8 & 3:11, which all speak
about repentance.

Matt. 3:2—Repentance is an action, which means we have to actively
turn away from sin, make a lifestyle change to go from sin to obedience
in trusting God. In the Old Testament, Israel is to return to faithfulness to
the covenant. Jesus’ first sermon (Matt. 4:17) begins the same.

Matt. 3:8 speaks of the fruit that comes from repentance, to show inner
righteousness, not just outer conformity.

Matt. 3:11—John baptizes with water to repentance for cleaning as
opposed to Jesus who will baptize with the Holy Spirit & Fire (judgment
for the unrepentant).

  • Take some time to reflect—are there areas of your life that need you to repent?