FRIDAY (2/26/21)

Hello! I am Sarah Enck, and I am a member of the Near Northwest Home
Group. I am a mom to twin boys, wife to Ryan for nine years, and a
School Counselor at Saint Joe High School. I am passionate about story
and the most fulfilling thing is to sit with someone while they share their
story with me.

  • Today we continue to think of our own story as it relates to our relationship with others and with Christ. Let’s continue our study of the Sermon on the Mount with Matthew 7:1-14. Read this passage now – thoughtfully – thinking through each verse.

Judging others. I don’t know what first comes to mind when you read
the first six verses in this chapter, but I always feel defensive – I’m not
a judgmental person. As I’ve studied this idea further, I’ve had to really
evaluate what judgment means and what Christ is commanding of his
followers. Should I always give my friends unconditional approval or
just judge their actions? According to this passage, judgment should be
fair and not hypocritical. I cannot approach someone in love without
being open to them coming to me to talk through the areas in which
I fall short. In whatever those conversations look like, they should be
measured with justice, mercy, and love.

Ask. Seek. Knock. I have read these next verses so many times, and I
think this is the first time I have thoughtfully considered seek and knock
in relation to the rest of the passage. Typically, I stop at ask and settle
on the idea that if I ask God to grant my requests he will follow through.
Thankfully, I have grown in my view of God and no longer see God as just
a magic genie who grants my wishes. Instead, I see that asking requires
believers to come to God with a spirit of humility – acknowledging that
we cannot do anything apart from the help He provides. Beyond that, we are to seek him in our requests and prayers with care and application.
As we ask in humility and seek his presence, we continue to knock -approaching him with earnestness and perseverance. We need to
implement each of these steps in our relationship with the Lord because
we need help from him in order to live out what is he commanding us in
the rest of the Sermon on the Mount.

Consider the following reflection today:

Think of a current situation that you can implement ASK, SEEK,
KNOCK this week. Pray about this and ask for his guidance. Seek Him as
you meditate on his Word and reflect on what He is telling you. Continue
to knock and wait on Him as he reveals His plan for you.