Tuesday 1/11/22

Read or listen to Genesis 6-9

We left off yesterday with Adam and Eve leaving the garden that they tended to make their way in the world. The sin that they choose continues to follow them as one of their sons murders his brother. This lineage continues on with sin becoming rampant and normative until chapter 6 tells us that God is grieved that He created man.

  • Who does God reveal Himself to be throughout these chapters?
  • What sort of challenges do you see Noah facing?
  • Where do you see God’s compassion at work in these chapters?

In chapter 9, God makes a covenant, a promise to Noah and his sons. This promise continues on to today.

  • Where have you seen God be faithful in your own life?
  • I love that God “remembers” His promise when He sees the rainbow. When God sees you what promises are you wanting Him to remember?