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Ila Woolet - July 18, 2021

Daily Office and Sabbath

Scripture References: Exodus 20:8-11, Acts 16:13-15, Psalms 119:1-176, Deuteronomy 8:3

From Series: "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (2021)"

Lets be honest, most of us know people who have deep biblical knowledge, and have been part of a church for decades, yet they seem to be one of the more miserable and judgmental and unhappy people that we know. The bottom line is the church isn’t doing a great job at seeing true heart and character change in its people. And a lot of that is because we have ignored emotional heath. The bottom line is one cannot be spiritually mature while being emotionally immature. Spiritually maturity MUST impact how we love and engage with others and ourself, our spirituality and psyches are inextricable linked (Jesus will transform every part of us). So in these next 8 weeks we are going to look at the scriptures to learn how to slow down and develop a truly transformational relationship with Jesus. Topics will include how to identify emotionally unhealthy spirituality, how to grow your soul through grief and loss, how to develop into an emotionally mature adult, and more. The bottom line is this: you can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature, and unless you slow and quiet your life down for a first-hand relationship with Jesus Christ, little change is possible. This series is based off the best selling book “Emotionally Healthy Spiritually” by Peter Scazzero which we highly recommend you get and read along with the series. This is going to be a great journey for us as a church this summer!

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