Monday (9/16/19)

This week we are following up after hearing Keith explain how we are to “BE transformed by the Spirit.” I hope you enjoyed last weeks study of the work of the Spirit in each of our lives.

This week, we are going to spend time looking at what BEcomes true of us after we “trust in Christ.”

We are also going to invite you to memorize verses 3-14 during the course of this week and spilling into the following weeks- depending on the pace you enjoy!

Start out the morning listening to the song Boldy I Approach from Rend Collective. Remember that we can approach His throne boldly during this time and throughout the day because we are “in Christ”. You can listen to the song on YouTube below:

Read Ephesians 1:1-3

Take some time today with these following questions after reading:

KNOW (what does the text say about God?)

BE (What does the text say about us?)

DO (what is the text calling me to do?)