Monday (9/30/19)

Read Acts 1 & 2

In chapter 1 we see  how the believers waited together for the promised Holy Spirit. After looking at all that the Holy Spirit does for us in our studies through John a couple weeks back, it is hard to imagine a life without the Spirit to guide, lead, teach, and comfort. Pray before you begin and ask Him to teach you as you read.

What kinds of things is Peter explaining in this chapter?

The new church that grew out of these messages was a bit large (v41). From verses 42-47, what kinds of things characterized them when they gathered together in groups?

Which of these pops out to you?

Which of these do you see here at Riverside?

What do you not see amongst us?

Their becoming a community, they way that they lived out their spiritualĀ  community, changed their physical surrounding community. Spend some time praying that we as a body of believers would impact the city of South Bend.