Monday (1/13/20)

This week we are going to learn about the story of Peter and how his life is changed as his life intersects with the life and story of Jesus. Jesus calls him to see that he is living inside a much larger story and to be an active follower and participant in the story God is writing. 

I believe that He is doing the same with each of us.

Read Matthew 4:18-22 and Luke 5:1-11

In John chapter 1 we learn that Peter’s brother, Andrew, was a disciple of John the Baptist. So Peter was also a disciple of John’s or at least was probably fairly familiar with his teachings and ministry.

  • What strikes you about who Peter is from these passages?
  • Spend some time writing out the first encounter you remember having with Jesus? Who was involved in your story at that time? What drew you to Him? Describe it in as many details as you can…

If knowing Jesus personally isn’t a part of your story right now but you would like it to be, you can stop and pray and ask Him to be your Lord (the boss of your life) and to pay the penalty for your sin through His death and resurrection. If you’d like to talk to someone about this process, contact us and we can connect you to someone who would love to walk alongside you.