Tuesday (1/28/20)

Read Luke 7:36-50

Today we are going to look at this scene from the eyes of the woman. Next week, we will start with this same scene through the eyes of Simon. This woman is given no name, her only description is of being “sinful”.

  • What is her motive (in your thinking) in entering this group of men, where she had to know that she would not be welcome?
  • How does it seem that Jesus treats her? What does Jesus do to communicate value and esteem to her?
  • As you sit and look through the eyes of this woman, who is Jesus? (I can hardly type I am so moved by Jesus’ example to me). What do you think she realizes about herself through this interaction?

I have loved, as I’ve read through these scenes (all of them) looking specifically for epiphany or discovery, how amazing it is to think that I am discovering things about Jesus, while also discovering a lot about myself and a lot about other people. I have so much to learn.