Thursday (5/21/20)

Read James 5:7-9, Matthew 5:23-24, & Matthew 18:15-16

  • What are we being patient for or about?
  • What does this grumbling against each other look like in your mind?
  • What are the principles that you learn from Matthew 5 about relationships and conflict?
  • Same with Matthew 18. What is taught here about relationships and conflict?

It’s clear that peace in relationships is highly valued by the Lord. And I don’t think this means a fake peace saying “all is well” where it is not. I think it means doing the hard work, over and over if necessary, of bringing peace through the work of the Holy Spirit. But you can only do what you can do.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you if there are things that you need to do in any specific relationships. Or perhaps ask Him to give you peace and comfort if you have done your part and peace is not available to you with someone. Pray for that person.