Thursday (4/30/20)

We are going to write out a couple verses and specifically  focus on letting them dwell deeply in us. Write out James 2:8 and James 2:15-17. As you sit in these verses, is the Holy Spirit saying anything that you want to heed?

Wednesday (4/29/20)

Read James 2:14-26 Check out this old song : Why is faith useless without works? What do you think is the answer to the question James poses in verse 14? How do you see these two at play in your own life? Ask the Father to show you areas where Your actions do not line up with the faith that …

Tuesday (4/28/20)

Read James 2:12-13  &  Matthew 9:10-13 (a quote of Hosea 6:6) What is Jesus trying to explain and teach to them in these verses? Who has been someone who has shown you mercy? What was the situation and how did you feel receiving this mercy? Who is someone that the Lord would have you show mercy to? How have they …

Monday (4/27/20)

Read James 2:1-13 Why do you think the Lord has such strong feelings about favoritism? What is the underlying root sin in this? Can you see ways that you have personally, or we corporately, have insulted the poor? Again, like in 1:22, James describes the law as giving us freedom. How does experiencing this freedom allow us to extend mercy …

Sunday (4/26/20)

Spend some time this morning praying for the service this morning. Pray for members of our body, pray for local business, and people impacted by closings these past months. Pray for students and teachers that you know. Whether we are gathered together in person, meeting virtually for prayer, or watching the sermon… pray.

Saturday (4/25/20)

This morning we are going to write out James 1:22-25. Writing the verses out really helps them to sink into me a little bit deeper. Is the Holy Spirit bringing anything to mind that you have seen in the word, but failed to make a part of your life and actions?

Friday (4/24/20)

Remember to pray before you begin each time. The Holy Spirit wants to teach you and show you more of the Father‚Äôs character. Read James Chapter 1 aloud as if you are reading a letter to someone. Use inflections, add some drama as you read. You may want to find a quiet place alone! What stands out to you? Is …