Tuesday (6/9/20)

Read Genesis 3 and 4

  • What parts of God’s character does the serpent call into question with Eve?
  • Why do you think Adam does not intervene to protect her (it says that he is with her)?
  • Where do you see evidence that shame is felt for the first time for Adam & Eve?
  • Their shame makes them hide in fear from their maker, the one who provided for them. How do you see shame working in your life to keep you hidden from the Lord and from others around you?
  • Verse 7 always reminds me of the New Testament verse that describes Satan as a roaring lion, wanting to devour us. And we just read in the spring in James, that we are tempted by our own evil desires. In your life right now, how is God reaching out to you to help you overcome an area of sin that wants to destroy you?
  • How do you see evidence of God’s care and love for Adam & Eve in chapter 3?
  • Continuing the hard story, how do you see God reaching toward Cain in chapter 4?

Something happens in 4:26 that prompts people to again call on the name of the Lord. Spend some time right now praying and calling on His name, or parts of His character that you love.