Sunday (5/31/20)

If it is warm enough and you are able, take a walk outside today and stare at the creation around you. Praise the Lord for the variety and beauty in what has been created. Pray for your neighbors and neighborhood as you walk along.

Saturday (5/30/20)

Reread all of James 5 KNOW (what does the text say about God?)BE (What does the text say about us?)DO (what is the text calling me to do?) Take time today to think through those questions from this passage. KNOW: BE: DO: What is one “take home” from this chapter for you?

Friday (5/29/20)

Read James 5:19-20 A funny end to this letter, don’t you think? Have you ever seen this at work in your own life or in our church body? Someone brought back when he was living in sin? Think of someone in your life right now that is not living how the Lord would want them to live. What does it …

Thursday (5/28/20)

Read 1 Kings 18 & 19 How is Elijah just like you? Where do you see similarities? What new information do you learn about Elijah from these 2 chapters? How about the Lord, what do you discover about Him? How does this encourage you to pray on the behalf of others? To be a priest for those around you?

Wednesday (5/27/20)

Read 1 Kings 17 What strikes you about Elijah from this chapter? What do you learn about the Lord and His character from this chapter? How are you encouraged by this today?

Tuesday (5/26/20)

Read James 5:16-18 Amy Houghtaling preached a bit ago about how we were all actually priests once we are saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit. And a large duty of the priests was to pray for the flock. Do you see yourself as someone who is righteous, who can be effective in praying for others? Why or why not? …

Monday (5/25/20)

Read James 5:13-16 In every situation, pray. All throughout the New Testament we are commanded to be in prayer: Romans 12:12, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 4:6, Ephesians 6:18, Colossians 4:2, John 15:7, Luke 18: 1-8, & Matthew 7:7. The list could go one and on! Trouble? Happy? Sick? Sin? Spend some time praying this morning about whatever or whoever the …