Hi, my name is Megan Colvin. I’ve been on the elder team for two years and also serve on the women’s ministry team with a wonderful group of ladies. I have been married to Greg for 22 years and we have been attending Riverside for almost 10 years with our children Charlie (17), Ben (16), Lincoln (9), Crisiya (9), Tariya (9) and Eddie (8). As an added bonus our oldest son Nick, daughter in-law Morgan and granddaughter Genevieve (2 months) live right across the street!

The passage you are going to read today is Jeremiah 33. It starts with the Lord giving Jeremiah a message. Jeremiah knows that the city is going to stand in judgment and the Lord reassures Jeremiah of the good things to come. He tells him of the defiled nation that will be restored, that the city will be full of people one day praising the Lord with joy. He continues on that the ruined fields and lands will be full of animals that the day will come that He restores peace and prosperity to Israel and Judah, just as He has promised them. He says in that day and time He will raise up a righteous descendant from King David’s line and that descent will do what is just and right for the land. At that time Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will live in safety.

Jeremiah has already been through so much dealing with the people turning their back on God. At this point he had continually called for the people to repent and they are clearly not doing so The repercussions for that willful disobedience have been and will continue to be massive. Jeremiah has many battles ahead and God knows this. When the Lord shares with Jeremiah the good things ahead, it had to be a boost to Jeremiah’s spirit.

The Lord tells Jeremiah that the city and lands will be restored to good health, prosperity and peace, that the fields will be full of animals again and that the people will be praising the Lord and loving one another. And then we have a foreshadowing when The Lord shares with Jeremiah of the greatest blessing yet to come, a Righteous descendant from King David’s line, a descendant that will do what is just and right and not just for Judah and Jerusalem but for all the world. That descendant of course, that came to earth as a baby is Jesus Christ.

Read Jeremiah 33 and do the Know, Be, Do method of study for through the chapter.

  • KNOW – What does the text say about God?
  • BE – What does the text say about us?
  • DO – What is the text calling me to do?
  • Write out the whole verse that you want to stick with you throughout the day today.