WEDNESDAY (1/6/21)

I’m Marcie and I’m new to South Bend and Riverside. We moved here from Michigan in early October when my husband Andrew joined the staff at Riverside. Andrew and I have spent the last few months settling into our neighborhood just a few blocks West of downtown, with our five children.

The passage you are going to read today is: Luke 2:8-20

A few years ago our family camped just outside the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It was a warm, clear July night and sky was spectacular. There were so many stars and planets and such quiet, it was hard to determine where the earth stopped, and the heavens began. Our typically noisy crew stood breathless in awe and wonder. I often think of our mountainside experience when I think of these shepherds on a hillside in the quiet of night. Perhaps, they were also stargazing when they were thrust into a front row seat in the world’s most historic Hallelujah chorus. A seemingly routine night at work, becomes a concert of angels and then a treasure hunt for the greatest gift of all time!

What really stood out to me in this passage is the shepherds’ willingness to break from their plans (a routine night of work) and seek out this tiny Messiah. I have so many questions! Did they leave their sheep behind? How far was Bethlehem from where they were and did they know the way there? Were they nervous about barging in on first time parents and their family? This passage is not about the logistics, but it tells a story of a group of shepherds that immediately responded when they were presented with an opportunity to seek out their Savior.

  • You’ve heard the good news! There is great joy for all the people! How are you responding to the Messiah’s birth?
  • Like the shepherds, how can you be more willing to break from your plans and seek out God’s calling and promptings from the Holy Spirit in your life today?